Why cycle with HUB

Why should you cycle with HYPE Urban Bikes (HUB)? Because it’s good for you, and when you cycle, the local community benefits too!

Improved mental health
Exercise is enormously beneficial to mental health and has been linked with significantly reducing stress. Cycling outside in the fresh air is a great way to travel from A to B, while connecting with the surrounding environment and nourishing your mental wellbeing.

Improved physical health
A study of 264,337 people found that cycling to work is linked with a 45% reduction in the risk of developing cancer and a 46% lower risk of cardiovascular disease, compared to commuting by car or public transport. Additionally, cycling improves cardiovascular fitness, muscle strength and overall mobility – basically it keeps you fit and healthy in every possible way!

Environmental impact
Cycling instead of driving is an easy way for people to contribute to the future of our planet at a grassroots level. If employees cycle to work, the businesses they work for have a lower carbon footprint overall and road congestion is vastly reduced. Reducing carbon emissions helps to lower air pollution and safeguard the environment for future generations.

Giving back to the community
As a Social Enterprise we invest all the funds generated by the HYPE Urban Bikes into growing our enterprise, to help get more people cycling. With HUB, our profits go into increasing the training of our dedicated teams of volunteers and staff, with the goal of ensuring that our service

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